Customer voices

"Over more than a decade while we were working together I always experienced Katrin as a very professional, with a high degree of personal engagement and intelligence . She is able to blend profound Marketing and IT Industry knowledge with an analytical, but at the same time pragmatic approach. Due to her commitment and hard working for the customer new and very complex projects were always successfully done in time. Working with Katrin is refreshingly straightforward and as a partner she is a great asset. Marketing projects are in best hands with her."
Stephanie Lohmann, Sr. Director Marketing DACH, Germany GmbH

"Over the last years the emphasis of our Marketing Mix moved more and more to multi-channel online activites. Target group-specific customer communication, a clear market segmentation and topic-driven use of Social Media Campaigns are the pillars of our successful campaigns. Without dedicated, flexible and absolutely reliable agencies like Circulatrix Marketing Consulting it would be impossible to work and implement those complex strategies and campaigns. Katrin is accountable for a substantial part of our success in Enterprise Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing."
Andreas Helios, Senior Group Manager Enterprise Marketing, Adobe Systems

"Due to her professionalism and intelligence Katrin Gassel is contributing substantially to the success of my marketing team. She is in charge of several core projects which she manages and executes in a very entrepreneurial and reliable, but at the same time flexible way. She knows extremely well how to do innovative marketing across the different product lines of Adobe and ties together loose ends. She is very open to new ideas and executes on them with a lot of verve while staying focused. She is a valuable addition to the Inhouse team of Adobe."
Regina Mehler, Director Marketing Central Europe,
Adobe Systems

"Katrin Gassel knows how to tie lose ends together and to structure complex situations. She is an excellent strategic marketer, focuses on the big picture and at the same time chooses feasible tactics with given budget and time constraints. What I especially admire is her ongoing willingness to discuss strategic topics, in order to help my company to develop and take the next steps. She is a person of great honesty, integrity and empathy which makes her a great consultant and partner."
Gerhard Koren, Inhaber und Geschäftsführer video2brain

"Katrin Gassel habe ich als externe Marketingressource für unser Unternehmen engagiert, weil sie aufgrund ihrer breiten Erfahrung im Software-Marketing sehr schnell wesentliche Bausteine für einen erfolgreichen Produktlaunch konzipieren und im Einklang mit den verfügbaren Budgets umsetzen konnte. Sie ist absolut committed, termintreu und ergebnisorientiert. Ich habe sehr gern mit ihr zusammenarbeitet."
Uwe Kemm, ehemaliger Vorstandsvorsitzender foxray AG

"Working with Katrin is great. Her briefings for online campaigns on behalf of customers are always so focused and complete that we can start right away without checking back several times. She always knows what she needs to accomplish with the big picture in mind and keeps cool even if unexpected twists make things more complicated. When Katrin is in charge of a project we know that we can deliver on time. And this always comes along with a great amount of fun."
Frank Memhardt, Creative Director und Inhaber projektil Werbeagentur

"It is very pleasant to work with Katrin. As a project Manager on the customer side she always is a professional counterpart providing all necessary information and briefings in a timely manner. She knows the importance of constant feedback and rebriefings of agents and takes care of all aspects that help us deliver successful telemarketing projects.
As a consultant partner in joint projects Katrin brings in her broad Marketing experience that perfectly complement our own core competencies. She is a strong advocate of target group-specific communication including behavioural tactics and develops focused campaigns. Her trustful, diligent and cheerful character makes it very easy to work together. "
Hanna Forsstroem, Sales Director ZoirosIT

"Katrin and I worked together on several go-to-market projects, and she helped my firm extensively to research the education market in Germany and design creative Go-To-Market-Strategies that would drive growth while limit piracy. When I found out she was an expert in Japan, I was happy to involve her in a global project conducting interviews with Japanese resellers. I endorse her as a reliable, trustworthy and easy to work with person with a broad solid expertise knowledge. Working with Katrin is both energizing and inspiring."
Nilofer Merchant, CEO & Founder at Rubicon Consulting, Inc.