Why "Circulatrix"? In ancient Rome a circulatrix was a female market crier noisily praising her products. She regularly reminded people to come to the center of the city for shopping.
It definitely is not our self-concept to simply shout out loud. But in any case it is our preferred task to find appropriate strategies and tools for our customers that gives them recognition, visibility and credibility in the market place. In other words: Circulatrix 2.0.

Katrin Gassel is in the IT Marketing business for 15 years+. Customers are renowned US Hardware and Software vendors as well as European Start-up companies in the B2C and B2B environment (please ask for specific references and work samples and we will be more than happy to provide them).

Her experience covers a broad bandwith of IT Marketing. Starting with Consumer Marketing Communication and Services she now focuses on B2B projects that help drive the enterprise business of her customers.
Her professional experience is complemented by intercultural competence and proficient language skills (English, Japanese) as a result of  living abroad in the US and Japan and her educational carreer. She graduated in Studies of Business Management (Marketing) and in East Asian Economics with a PhD degree. Since 2011, she is teaching "Intercultural Competencies" at BiTS Business and Information Technology School GmbH in Iserlohn.

A profound network of agencies (advertising, PR, telesales etc.), Marketing specialists, research analysts/consultants as well as an inhouse administrative support guarantees the professional and timely management and execution of assignments.

For customer references please check here